All BMS scrapers and parts are sourced and manufactured in the UK. 


BMS Scraper products are designed and installed to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. This means removal of the last 1/10mm of carry-back material from the belt cover, ensuring clean belts, minimum maintenance, increased belt up time, improving to health and safety standards and lowering customer cost of scraper ownership.

Product Range 

BMS Primary scrapers offers a single Polyurethane Blade and automatic self-adjusting Polyurethane Twister. The Primary Unit is positioned on the belt head drum.

The 'E' range offers Tungsten Carbide-multibladed cleaners supplied with a Fixed Lug adjustment or alternatively a self-adjusting automatic Torsion Mount which is also suitable for reversible belts and belts with run back problems.

BMS range includes both the 'V' Plough and Angle Plough these are supplied with either a Fixed Lug adjustment or self-adjusting Torsion Mount.

The Chevron scraper cleaner is specially designed with individual polyurethane blades to adapt to chevron type conveyor belts, the blades flex with the chevron markings whilst still removing excess material from the belt.

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